All About Business Grade Photocopiers

A business grade photocopier is a photocopier designed for use in a business or office environment. This is the normal answer a consumer would get when they ask what makes a business photocopier different from a standard photocopying device.   However as sellers of business grade photocopiers We Fix IT understand that the devices are so much more than the explanation gives credit for. That is why this blog is all about business grade photocopiers. We will go into details about the different devices we sell (be it different types of printers, scanners, photocopiers or mixes). We will dive into why we choose to work with Lexmark Devices and we will explain how you as a customer can call/email us to join into a printer maintenance agreement by buying outright or renting a printing device from us.

Advantages of business grade photocopiers

  1. Business grade photocopiers are designed for heavy use and can handle high volumes of copying.
  2. Business grade photocopiers typically have features that are beneficial for businesses, such as automatic document feeders, duplexing capabilities, and network connectivity.
  3. Business grade photocopiers are generally more reliable than lower-end models and may come with a warranty or service contract.
  4. Business grade photocopiers may be leased or rented, which can be beneficial for businesses that do not want to make a large upfront investment.

Although these advantages as fantastic we do also need to touch on why business grade photocopiers can be hard to obtain/manage for small business. This being some disadvantages of business grade photocopiers include their high initial cost, their large size, and the fact that they require special paper. Additionally, business grade photocopiers often require maintenance and repairs more frequently than lower quality models.

why invest in a Lexmark business grade device from We Fix IT?

To better understand this we must first discuss what Lexmark business grade photocopiers are and what their advantages are.

Lexmark business grade photocopiers are designed for small to medium businesses. They offer features such as high-quality printing, scanning, and copying. They also have a variety of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

There are a few reasons why a business might want to buy a Lexmark business grade photocopier. Some reasons include:

  1. Lexmark photocopiers are designed for businesses and can handle high volume printing and copying.
  2. Lexmark photocopiers are reliable and offer features that can help businesses streamline their workflow.
  3. Lexmark photocopiers come with a warranty, so businesses can feel confident that they are covered in case of any problems.

A fourth and specialize advantage of having a  Lexmark printer is that We Fix IT would be the ones to sell or rent it to your business. What does this mean and why is this the case? Well We Fix IT are one of the Northern Territory’s main Lexmark device sellers. We have staff trained in Lexmark maintenance and support. We order in and sell Lexmark toner and we even supply / install the device on business premise. With We Fix IT you can buy your printer out right at full cost or you can rent to buy your printer. This means you can pay it off in installments with us! Talk to our sales staff about printer rental plans or printer maintenance contracts today and we can let you know all the customizable printer options.

Lexmark Devices we can provide for businesses

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