Office relocations can be stressful but the I.T component doesn’t have to be

With careful planning and the right resources, you can ensure your office relocation is as smooth as possible. By working with We Fix I.T. We will ensure a smooth transition of software and hardware.

 - We Fix IT

Office Relocations a Simple Six Step Process


Get in Contact with WeFix


Arrange a visit to Current Site


Arrange a visit to New Site


Create a relocation plan


Relocate the to the new space


Test Everything to ensure sucess

What can we do for you?

Relocate all Furniture and Equipment

Help create an new I.T infrastructure layout

Provide new hardware as needed for I.T upgrades

Port test and provide cabling via a licensed cabler

Preform site Audits during the move

Moving and or setting up new/old servers

Take inventory of all existing and expected protected assets and resources

Data back ups both to cloud and to a physicals location as needed

CCTV Installation, and hardware

Printers & scanners relocation and set up