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When it comes to choosing an office photocopier, the options can be endless.

At We Fix IT, we partner with global manufacturers to bring you the best office equipment possible. Whatever your photocopying needs, we can help you get set up with a tailored solution that will help to support the growth of your business. 

We’re on a mission to help businesses cut their printing costs by hunting down the best deals

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Buying vs leasing office photocopiers

As a startup company, managing costs is crucial. Office equipment, including photocopiers, can be a significant investment. If purchasing outright isn’t feasible at the moment, consider the benefits of leasing an office photocopier.

Remember, leasing an office photocopier can be a strategic move that supports your operations while keeping costs manageable. Evaluate your specific requirements and explore leasing options tailored to your startup’s growth.

Take a look at our office printers

Kyocera Photocopiers - We Fix IT - We Fix IT


Kyocera offers a range of A3 photocopiers with varying features and capabilities to meet different office requirements. Whether you need basic functionality or advanced features, Kyocera has options to choose from.

Lexmark Photocopiers - We Fix IT - We Fix IT


Lexmark devices are known for their performance, reliability, and advanced features, catering to various workgroup sizes and printing requirements. Standard print and color scan functionality.

Fujifilm Photocopiers - We Fix IT - We Fix IT


Fujifilm’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that its photocopiers deliver reliable performance for various office environments. These devices provide exceptional print quality, productivity, and ease of use.

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