Welcoming Starlink for Australia

Even today, nearing the end of 2022, an estimated 37% (or a whopping 2.9 billion people) remain unconnected to the wonders of the internet. Elon Musk, through his Starlink – www.starlink.com – initiative, hopes that changes all that.

Starlink is a satellite constellation system: meaning it is a system of small satellites scattered throughout above the globe in low orbit – and which aims to connect the entire world to the internet. Starlink aims to provide fast internet, especially to remote, unconnected communities; something which before this just has not been accomplished.

This is good news for outback in-the-bush Australia. For the first time ever people in the outback and unconnected Australia can be online no matter where they are located. In remote and regional New South Wales or a remote lighthouse in southern Tasmania: Starlink will have you covered.

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Instead of NBN Fibre Optic technology people will be connected wirelessly to the internet through a proposed network of around 42,000 (crazy, right?) small satellites in low-earth orbit. The speeds are expected to be a smashing 150 mbps so you can rest assured that no matter where you are there would be no internet service you will not be able to access. Whether it be video-calling your mom or playing multi-player games with your friend all around the country or even the world.

Imagine you can access a far-away technician on a remote farm in rural Australia 24/7 with a few clicks of the mouse. Or be able to access emergency services somewhere where no phone signals exist. These are lifesaving (literally) technologies that are now becoming real thanks to Starlink.

So how do you get it?

You go to www.starlink.com, enter your address and check the availability for where you are. The good news for outback Aussies however is that as of December 2022, most of Australia seems to be covered by Starlink. You can check the latest prices and offers on the website.

Imagine never having to lose touch with a loved one ever again simply because they chose to go out exploring the bush. It adds immensely to the safety aspect of going out adventuring on your own or with a group of friends; as well as opens a world of possibilities through greater connection throughout the continent.

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All that is required that you initially get hardware from Starlink: the most notable of which is a small satellite dish that receives the signal from the Starlink satellites and routes the signals to your router, which then connects it to your device whether it be a laptop, mobile, etc. In an interesting twist Starlink also offers a mobile app that uses augmented reality to help people choose and select the best positions as well as the locations for the satellite dishes to receive signal.

Of course, Starlink’s ambitious plans have yet to come to full fruition. Of the 42,000 proposed satellites currently around 3200 are in orbit and operational. Starlink is a division of Elon Musk’s SpaceX and SpaceX currently is the only website on the planet capable of undertaking this task.

So good news for rural Aussies and a step closer to having everyone in Australia connected on the internet. In the meantime please feel free to check out some of the services that might become available to all Aussies through Starlink at our Services page.

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