What Even Is Chat GPT-3?

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As we move into the year 2023, artificial intelligence had a little of its own ‘Welcome to the future’ moment with OpenAI’s Chat GPT-3 which has been making waves online over the last couple of weeks. So what is so great about Chat GPT-3? And what even is it?

Chat GPT-3 is OpenAI’s latest iteration to its language-processing artificial intelligence (fancy-speak for AI that you can have a conversation with) that has been coming up to a certain standard of almost human-like that has had a lot of folks impressed.

GPT-3 stands for Generative Pretrained Transformer 3, an AI that is capable of generating text that appears to almost be written by a human. OpenAI, the organization responsible for it, is an artificial intelligence research and deployment company with a mission that artificial intelligence benefits all humankind.

Artificial Intelligence and its potential dangers have raised concerns in the past. Elon Musk has stated that AI could be a future threat to humanity, and many (probably accurately) have raised concerns about AI taking over jobs and doing things that throughout human history have historically exclusively fallen inside the domain of human activity. Things like creating art, or writing poetry and music, are now things that seem increasingly like things that AI will be doing more of going into the future.

Hence OpenAI was founded, keeping in mind these concerns – especially ethical and moral concerns with it comes to the advancement of AI. However, Chat GPT-3, with its almost human-like tendency to create text seems like it might be able to write as well as humanity’s top writers pretty soon.

When asked to give us some interesting information about Australia; the program had an intelligent response to offer:

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We have to say that that is pretty impressive. Wouldn’t you think so? However, it also seems that we are fast approaching an age where what AI can do is slowly going to start overlapping with what human beings can do.

Chat GPT-3 can easily have an intelligent conversation about topics as far-flung as philosophy, to things like celebrity facts and quantum mechanics. However as a pitfall: it cannot deal with things that are new or recent, for example, current news. The reason is that the text and data it was fed to be trained to respond to humans is at least a year old: currently having up-to-date data and information on an AI as immense as Chat GPT-3 is not possible.

The ethical and economic repercussions are going to be significant in the future: but for now, AI is something that is assisting us to do things faster and more efficiently. People are using programs like these to aid in creating digital and written content for them, especially things like articles and posts. Apparently: You can also ask for snippets of computer code and the AI will generate some for you!

You can play around with the AI here.

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