Why Every Business Needs VoIP Phone Systems

If you are new to the business world the phrase VOIP phone system maybe an alien term however if you have working within Australia chances are you’ve used your fair share of VOIP Phone systems. These types of phone systems are used everywhere because they are the ultimate communications tool for busy organizations.

So, what are your VOIP phone system options and what even is a VOIP phone system? Read on for the We Fix IT analysis. An in-depth overview crafted by your local one stop IT shop. We not only provide VOIP Systems, but we also set them up, maintain them and setting up message forwarding for our customers. You could say we are Yealink VOIP Phone System experts.

What is a VOIP phone system?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol this refers to the standards that facilitate voice-based phone calls using the organizations internet connection rather than using a local telephone company. If we want to get technical interpret this as the VOIP converts voices within conversation into digital signals that then become compressed and sent over the internet to the receiving end of the call. On the receiving end the digital signals are then uncompressed, and the voice can be herd through the phone system being used.

DNS on the other hand is what computers use to turn domain names (i.e., the URL of your website) into an IP address. Every device connected to the internet has its own IP address. We as users pay to secure the Domain name system for our website so that others cannot use the same IP. For example, our business owns wefixit.com.au and wefixit.com and wefix-it.com.au 3 separate Domain Name Systems. All these three DNS however are pointed to our web hosting server that as the name states hosts our websites files.

Why do people choose to use VOIP phone systems?

The best thing about a VOIP Phone system is that it is run through the internet meaning the user does not have to pay a telephone company for service which in turn saves then money on long distance chargers. Realistically the organization using VOIP phone systems only need a solid internet connection (which includes a router and modem) and a SIP compatible desk phone or a VOIP Calling app with an assigned IP. This means companies can cut out the costs of a telephone company bills all together.

As VOIP runs over the internet calls can be easily recorded and data is able to be securely stored within the cloud. This gives businesses the ease of managing their dashboard through an online interface. Meaning the ease of enabling call forwarding, adding new phone numbers, and labeling business numbers.

VoIP Phone Systems Features

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Operate from any location

Requiring nothing other than a reliable Internet connection. VoIP phones allow work versatility from any location. Talk to us about set up today.

Unlimited Phone lines

With We Fix I.T. the number of phone lines is never an issue. We work to meet your companies needs. Just tell us where to start and we will make it work.

NBN Ready

Your important business phone numbers are NBN ready. Simply port your number, or select a new number from almost anywhere in Australia.

Flexible phone options

Whether you want a desk telephone, a softphone on your mobile, or no phone at all we have got you covered! Providing all your VoIP hardware needs.

Advanced voicemail

Voicemail to Email with message transcription sent directly via email and to your mobile phone via SMS. We Fix I.T. will even set up your pre recorded voice messages.

Easy and Secure
No licensing needed

At We Fix IT you don't need a license and you don't need to worry. We will handle all your porting and phone changing needs. We are always just one phone away ready to help.

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