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The Palmerston Regional Business Association (PRBA) was established in September 1998 and has continued to grow and welcome a broad membership from across Darwin, Palmerston, rural and surrounding areas.

PRBA’s main aim is to promote and support local businesses and the community. They achieve this by actively engaging with an extensive network of contacts in business, government and the community. he Association is proud to support diverse local community groups

The Top End Barra Series competition is kept simple there is no catering, big functions or start/ending ceremonies.The basic concept of TEBS is that over the 6 Rounds competitors’ fish for barramundi from 6am Saturday morning till 6pm Sunday afternoon using lures, soft plastics or flies.

At the end of the weekend competitors email in their best 5 barra over 50cm to us and then we will collate them all. Scoring is on a points system similar to that used in the Barra Classic which rewards bigger fish. The competitor at the end of each round with the highest score is the winner.

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